Encinitas California Bio
Welcome to Tropical Cowboy! The Tropical Cowboy brand was started after we decided our home made hot sauce was too good to keep to ourselves. Our original sauce was created using fresh, locally grown ingredients from the southern California coast. Our flavors were inspired by the beautiful beaches and sun of the tropics and the heat and adventure of the "wild west" giving the Tropical Cowboy hot sauces a distinctly original flavor. Soon, Tropical Cowboy will expand it's brand by adding new hot sauce flavors inspired by exotic locations around the world! We will take unique, local ingredients from the best tropical spots around the globe and incorporate them into our delicious sauces insuring continuous "flavor adventures" for our customers! We have also added a variety of "tropical" gift items to our store...because we know that some of you love the tropics as much as we do!
Fruits and Veggies